Camp Adventures and Music Makers

The Trenton Music Makers serves kids from grades 2-12, bringing children together in teams of music learners and makers, to develop their minds, imagination and community but during the summer they have an added experience of joining the Capital Area YMCA’s summer Camp Adventure program in the afternoons.

Summer Camp at the YMCA is the best time for kids to grow and develop independently. We provide campers with a positive environment for them to build character and develop leadership traits that will translate into the upcoming school year and beyond!

Under the caring and expert direction of Miss Vicky, your child will experience a summer of absolute fun and friendship.  Our schedule will keep the campers interested, engaged and energized throughout the day, but don’t be surprised if they come home tired from their full day of Music Makers and YMCA Camp!

Trenton Music Makers camp is only available to those students who are attending the morning session of Trenton Music Makers.

Check back in 2021 to Register