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In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic , the New Jersey Department of
Agriculture has determined that farmers markets are “an essential business and
important source of food for many throughout the Garden State.” Likewise, we
acknowledge that for the past five years, Greenwood Ave. Farmers Market
(hereafter referred to as ‘GAFM’) has served as an essential community-centered
business in the East Trenton community and an important source of healthy farm
fresh food, nutritional education and health services throughout the City of Trenton.
Understandably, as concerns about the spread of COVID-19 grow amidst a climate
of political unrest, the Capital Area YMCA joins a multitude of farmers market
operators, considering how best to respond to the needs of both our local farmers
and the community. We remain steadfast in our mission to: provide healthy farm
fresh food access; enhance the buying power of families and individuals
participating in government benefit assistance programs; and positively impact the
economic development of local farmers, growers and entrepreneurs. Conversely,
we humbly and unequivocally recognize our overarching social responsibility to
respect and protect the health, safety and wellness of each child, senior, neighbor,
vendor, volunteer and Capital Area YMCA staff member. Especially, our neighbors,
family and friends living in urban communities who are impacted at alarming rates
due to the systematic lack of accessibility to health care services, health education
resources, intervention programming and healthy food sources.
That said, for the past 12 weeks, we, the senior leadership of the Capital YMCA
along with our dedicated GAFM Stakeholders have worked collectively to reason
together, gathering the latest information and resources available in effort to
develop a comprehensive COVID-19 Mitigation Plan.  See our Mitigation Response Here