Dancing is the Voice of the Soul – a fundraiser in memory of Doris T. Riddle

 Because of my mom, I learned how to Dance.

 She introduced me to dance—to dance thru life, to manage, to find my way, to persevere, to balance, to be generous and caring.

She taught me how to have joy, to dance thru the awkwardness of the mainstream world and to notice the deeper in everything.

 What I do now is filled with passion and hunger and love for the Community Dance Academy at the Capital Area YMCA.

 In honor of my mom – I’m running a fundraiser so that others can experience the blessing of Dancing and express their feelings and stay healthy and active. Being involved in the future of a dancer at any level are appreciated and put to good use.

Thank you for sharing my mom’s passion for Dance.  Renee Riddle-Davison


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